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a novel biomass cookstove for the masses

Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) – Concept & Philosophy ~ Twigs are ideal for clean domestic cooking …

The Concept and Philosophy

The philosophy behind the PRS-v5 concept has two basic tenets : 

  1. Twigs are Nature’s ideal fuel parcels for domestic cooking.

  2. Burn them slowly;  Burn them well;  Waste them not.

Today the story of rural cooking is tragically one of  wanton waste and endless want.  
People are recklessly hacking their forests for firewood.
The amount of wood that is used in village kitchens is 3 to 5 times in excess of what is actually needed for the cooking.
People are burning wood like mad and in turn are destroying their habitat and their health.
This is totally unsustainable and must stop.
Biomass, especially wood, is an extremely precious resource that deserves our ultimate respect and conservation.

Dry wood is truly an enormous storehouse of energy.
Believe it or not, but basic scientific calculations tell us that 1 Kg of good dry wood has in it enough energy to lift a weight of 1 tonne to a height of 1.5 kms. !!! That’s like lifting 3 full elevators to the top of the tallest building in the world !!!  
We don’t realise it, but a handful of  twigs fallen by the roadside have several times more energy in them than what is needed to cook a complete family meal!
We only need the right device to extract this energy in a controlled manner and provide it as heat to the cooking pots at a steady rate at which it can be absorbed by the pot with minimal loss to the surroundings.
The PRS-v5 cook-stove product is conceived and designed to be such a device !
It is a means to steadily burn and extract the enormous energy contained in a few twigs and provide that energy gradually as heat to the cooking pot in an efficient and controlled manner with negligible smoke pollution.

The PRS-v5 cook-stove is designed to encourage and promote extremely frugal use of precious biomass while facilitating clean and smokeless cooking.

The PRS-v5 cook-stove changes the paradigm of domestic cooking completely by making the humble and neglected twigs that litter our village lands the prime, substantive and sufficient fuel-source for domestic cooking. The PRS-v5 aims at nothing less than liberation of the masses from their bondage to expensive industrially supplied cooking fuel and the sin of hacking trees for large firewood stock.

PRS-v5 promises to make biomass cooking in rural India and elsewhere, safe, environment friendly, sustainable, and best of all, practically FREE !!!

Concept - Twigs are ideal for clean domestic cooking
Humble Twigs have great power!
Let's use them well