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a novel biomass cookstove for the masses

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PRS-v5 is Designed and Distributed by :  M/s Applinnova, 2303 Daffodil Tower, Malad (W), Mumbai 400064. INDIA
To order your stoves, please fill the form on the right below. We shall send you a quote in return.
The PRS-v5 stoves are presently in limited stock. Production will soon be ramped up to supply the stoves in large numbers.
Presently we are providing the stoves in a prioritised manner to ensure that the current stock of stoves are delivered to and used by folks who genuinely need them for their daily cooking.
The information you provide us in this form will help us prioritize our delivery and know our market better for effective scale-up.
Given the environmental and social significance of this product, we are keen to promote its rapid dissemination for which we will be giving substantial discounts to philanthropic sponsors who wish to donate these stoves to the needy.
If you are such a sponsor, please do tell us so that we can offer you the discount and also high delivery priority.  Thank You!

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Please tell us how you will be using the stoves.
Purchases for genuine Sponsorship / Donations are eligible for substantial discounts.