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a novel biomass cookstove for the masses

Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) – Product Details

The Product

The Panval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) is a natural-draft clean cookstove designed to embody the concepts explained in the previous section.

The patent-pending PRS-v5 design closely adheres to most of the fundamental design principles for a Rocket Stove  laid down by Dr. Larry Winiarsky. It is the first-of-its-kind Rocket Stove adaptation made in India for domestic cooking.

The prime constructional and operational features of the PRS-v5 stove are illustrated and explained below :-

Optimally sized Stove

Optimal sizing :

The PRS-v5 is optimally sized to cook for a family of 5-6 people.
The combustion chamber of the PRS-v5 is designed to accept limited quantity of firewood or biomass and prevent fuel wastage.
It enforces and promotes the habit of fuel conservation.

Natural Draft, Smokeless operation :

 PRS-v5 Stove

The tall body of the stove acts like a chimney and creates a strong natural draught of air flowing through the stove to make it work almost smokelessly throughout its operating power range.

Quick & Easy Fire-up :

The PRS-v5 is extremely easy to fire-up.
With a proper tinder charge, it can be lit up in a few seconds by just holding a lighter flame underneath it.

Effective Insulation :

The hollow stove walls are filled with Ash and insulated to retain maximum heat within the fire-zone and raise and maintain the combustion temperature to levels that make even a single twig burn steadily within the stove without getting extinguished.
This ability to keep a twig or two burning steadily for an extended period of time makes the stove extremely fuel-efficient during the simmering of the food which is the longest phase of cooking.

Adjustable Pot-Skirt

Adjustable Pot-Skirt :

The stove uses an innovative patent-pending design for a removable pot-skirt. This unique pot-skirt is completely adjustable and can be readily sized and resized to closely encircle any pot, big or small, sitting on the stove. A correctly sized pot-skirt channels all the heat around the sides of the cooking vessel and hugely boosts the thermal efficiency of the stove.
It might sound unbelievable, but a PRS-v5 with potskirt can cook faster using twigs than a sophisticated gas stove range using PNG in a modern kitchen!

Clear Fire Visibility & Control :

The stove's Fuel Feed-Hopper is inclined to the horizontal to enable Easy Fire Visibility & Control. Due to the upward incline of the hopper, the burning fire is clearly and completely visible to the user from a sitting position. This enables optimal control of the fire and insertion of fuel only when required,resulting in higher fuel economy and a cleaner burn.

Live Ash Disposal :

Stove allows ash to be flushed out without extinguishing the fire or stopping the cooking operation.
This can be done by simply pulling out the fuel-grate while holding the burning sticks in place.
Such mid-operation Ash disposal permits uninterrupted cooking for as long as needed even with a limited sized combustion chamber.

Strong, Sturdy, & Long Lasting:

The stove is made of adequately thick Powder Coated Steel and the walls of the fire-chamber can be replaced with a new spare set when worn out.
The stove is rugged, strong and stable and due to its extended feet and large footprint can bear cooking pots exceeding 50 kgs in weight without any fear of toppling over.

Modular & Portable

Modular, Portable and usable as a Camping Stove:

The stove is built as an assembly of parts that can be bolted together. When dis-assembled, the appendage parts fit into the hollow fire cavity of the main stove body which can then be fitted into a compact rectangular portable shipping box.
This portability of the stove makes it fit for being used as a camping stove on outings.

PRS-v5 Product Box
The Product Box