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a novel biomass cookstove for the masses

Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) – Unique Features of the Clean Cookstove

Unique Features of the Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5)

  • Cooking on Twigs – Needs only a few fallen twigs to cook a full meal!
    ( This stove can burn any type of biomass like, cow dung, bagasse, agri-waste, etc., but is ideally suited for fuel in the form of small dried twigs strewn all around our village lands. No need for thick chopped wood. Just pick up a few fallen twigs and you have your cooking fuel for free! )
  • Reduces wood consumption to as little as 20-25 % by weight! 
    ( Breakthrough savings in firewood. A full meal for six persons can be cooked in less than a kilogram of twigs; Wood consumed by a rural family in 2-3 months will now last a whole year !  Actually there is no longer any need for large chopped firewood. Just take a walk pick up a few fallen twigs strewn here-and-there and you should have enough fuel to cook for the day. It’s like “ Free Fuel ” forever!! )
  • Smokeless and completely Safe cooking!
    ( The stove is completely smokeless as long as it is not stuffed with excess fuel.  Fire hazard is almost zero as the fire and flames  of the stove are totally enclosed and contained, making the stove completely safe to operate and use even with children around.)
  • Ease of Use !
    ( * Instant light-up without kerosene or any other petro fuel. Use a little paper, straw or dry leaves as tinder.  * No need for blowing air. Works on a sustained, self-generated natural air draft. * Ash Disposal without interruption in cooking. Can run continuously for hours.  * Compact, very  portable, and can be carried around with ease, even on outings, as a camping stove.)
  • Affordable and Long Lasting!
    ( * Reasonably priced and saves so much wood that it will pay for itself in the first six to eight months. * Ideally sized for a family of 5-6 members.* Built strong to carry a vessel load of over 50 Kgs. * Made out of quality powder coated Steel for long corrosion-free life. * Fire chamber walls, when worn out by years of use, can be replaced with a new set sold as spares at a fraction of the stove cost, thus extending the stove life indefinitely! )