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a novel biomass cookstove for the masses

Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) – Clean, smokeless domestic biomass cookstove for cooking on twigs

PRS-v5 Stove with Fuel Sticks
Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5)



Smokeless Domestic Cooking on just twigs !!!

A revolutionary cookstove product that makes domestic cooking easy, safe and virtually FREE of fuel costs in rural India. The PRS-v5 is a smoke-free & economical biomass cookstove that can cook full family meals using small twigs. 


With the PRS-v5, all you have to do is gather a few fallen twigs and you are ready to cook your family meal in the comfort of a smoke-free kitchen!  


The PRS-v5 stove is almost a dream-come-true for India’s villages and small towns. Bringing ultra Clean, almost cost-Free domestic cooking to Rural and semi-Urban India, it promises to permanently liberate the masses from their dependence on increasingly costly petro fuels like LPG.

The Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5), if used en-masse, will not only make cooking cleaner and safer for India’s masses but it will also halt the rapid degradation and destruction of India’s forests which are being recklessly hacked for firewood that is being wastefully used in smoky and hazardous cooking fires all over the country.