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a novel biomass cookstove for the masses

Pānval Rocket Stove ( PRS-v5 ) – The Urgent Need for this clean domestic cookstove

Villagers carrying firewood
Neck-Breaking Labour
Deforested hillside
Environmental Disaster

The Urgent Need for this Product

Census figures say that more than half of India’s population uses wood or solid biomass for cooking !  If we consider only the rural population this proportion is as high as 70% !

kitchen smoke pollution kills. Clean Cookstoves are the urgent need. Even today, the common villager in our country cannot get to see or buy a good, efficient and affordable biomass burning cook-stove at the village mart or hardware shop and continues to use the rudimentary 3-stone fire which is a very inefficient and hazardous method for indoor cooking.

This results in gross wastage of precious firewood and biomass resulting in deforestation and environmental degradation. It also causes dangerous indoor air pollution which very adversely affects the health of the family.

Global Statistics  say that worldwide around 4 million people mostly women and children are killed every year due to ailments caused by indoor air pollution primarily attributed to cooking smoke. Out of these, over 8 lakhs are from India alone!

This is a national health emergency and environmental crisis which needs immediate attention and resolution.

India needs an effective cooking stove solution that drastically brings down biomass consumption, eliminates hazardous smoke from the kitchen and which is available ubiquitously all over the country at an affordable price.