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a novel biomass cookstove for the masses

Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) – demonstration Videos

Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) demonstration VIDEOS

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Plain Rice Cooking on a single Twig!

Cooking Rice on the “Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5)” is quick and easy and highly economical !

It takes just 210 gms of twigs and 20 minutes of time  to cook rice for 4 people on this efficient wood-stove made for the rural masses of India.

Cooking spiced Daal 

Cooking Daal Tadka (spiced lentils) on the “PRS-v5 Rocket Stove” is almost as easy as on an LPG stove !

It takes a total of just 350 gms of twigs and around 40 minutes of time from start to finish to prepare tasty “daal tadka” for 4 people.

The Khichdi Challenge  

The Pānval Rocket Stove is challenged to make Khichdi, enough for 5 persons and performs handsomely without using a pressure cooker !
It does the job in 42 minutes which is just about the same time as it takes to cook the khichdi on an LPG stove or Electric rice cooker !

Chapaati baking

Chapaatis can be baked on the PRS v-5 Stove without any problem just like they are baked on an LPG stove !

8 chapatis were made in about 20 minutes using just 275 gms fuel-wood in the form of twigs from copper pod tree and rain tree .
The pan temperature was 300 deg plus almost the same as on LPG gas flame.
The test was conducted in an apartment kitchen and there was almost no indoor smoke pollution.

Water Boiling Test 

Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) is an excellent performer when it comes to producing hot bath water.

5 Litres of water can be brought to a vigorous boil in less than half an hour using about 15-18 twigs weighing around 350 gms.
This will yield almost two bucketfuls of hot bath water.

Easy & Quick Ignition  

The PRS-v5 stove is so very easy to ignite.

Throw some paper balls or dry grass into the fuel hopper and place some thin twigs on top of these balls or grass.
That is perfect tinder.
Then just hold a lighter flame below the stove and within seconds you will have a nice stable & smokeless cooking fire coming forth from the stove.

Brinjal Roasting


The Pānval Rocket Stove can be used for roasting stuff simply by placing the stuff upon a wire mesh kept on the top of the stove.

In this video we see a brinjal (eggplant) being roasted in this manner.



Smokeless Cooking of Complete Meal in the drawing room of a furnished flat. 


The PRS-v5 is so smokeless and safe that it can be used in the drawing room of a furnished flat without any discomfort!

It uses so little fuel that cooking a full meal takes much less than one kg of twigs and can be completed in less than an hour’s cooking time.

This video shows the prepartion of a full maharashtrian meal of Khichdi, Aamti, Wanga Bharit, and Tondli Batata Bhaaji cooked in an hour using just 800 gms of wood in the form of fallen twigs of a few neighbourhood trees !


Baking thick “Bhaakri”  

Baking thick unleavened bread, Bhaakri / Roti is the toughest job for a cooking stove in an Indian kitchen.

Baking the Bhaakri bread needs a very hot pan and strong sustained fire.

In this video the Panval Rocket Stove is shown making well baked Bhaakris and also nice fluffy Chapaatis.

The easy and quick kerosene -free fire-up process is also shown at the beginning of the video.